Your First Visit

Before You Arrive

Before you and your pet first arrive at our clinic, you will need to have your veterinarian or surgeon sign and return our referral form, along with any relevant diagnostic imaging or medical history.  Having this information allows us to get an idea of what we’re looking at prior to your initial consultation.

Upon entering the office

When you enter our office,  you will be taken to the exam room where you will fill out some quick paperwork and meet our staff.

The initial assessment

One of our certified canine rehab professionals will perform a comprehensive orthopedic and neurological assessment of your pet, including but not limited to an examination of their range of motion and a measurement of their muscle mass.  Your pet will be given a laser treatment, followed by an introduction to the underwater treadmill.  We will discuss your pet’s specific situation, and you will leave with an individualized plan of therapeutic exercises for you to work on at home.