A conditioning program is well-suited for those pets who need to get in shape for a season of a dog sport such as field, tracking, agility or flyball, for geriatric pets looking to improve their quality of life, or for anyone who would like to help their pet get into better shape.

Conditioning is also ideal for those chubby monkeys who are looking to shed some pounds — many, many dogs carry extra weight, which puts extra stress on their joints.  Keeping your pet’s weight down helps to keep them healthy and mobile, at all ages!

Conditioning Clients

Workout Video


All prices plus HST.

Single conditioning sessions

  • No referral required, but must have been seen by a veterinarian within the last year
  • Approximately 30 minutes/session
  • Must bring own towels
  • Individualized program utilizing the underwater treadmill for athletic conditioning as well as therapeutic exercises to target specific areas


Conditioning packages

5 conditioning sessions (= $71/session)
10 conditioning sessions (= $67.50/session)