Recreational Swimming

Recreational swimming is ideal for pets who are looking for some aquatic exercise.  It is perfect for pets when the weather is too hot for a long walk, and is also ideal for owners with an injury or seniors who are struggling to exercise an active pet.

Swimming is a great front leg and chest workout for dogs but is inappropriate as a sole source of rehabilitation for injured pets.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and are generally self-serve once your pet is comfortable in the water.  Initial sessions are guided by a staff member to ensure safe and happy introduction to the pool.  Please bring your own towels and for new swimmers, come prepared to get splashed!

Swimming in our outdoor pool is weather-dependent, but the pool is typically open from approximately mid-May through mid-October.  Please see our social media for opening/closing announcements, or reach out to us!

Our Outdoor Swimming Pool


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Video of the Pool