Enhancing your Pet's well-being


Physical rehabilitation is the treatment of injury or illness by increasing range of motion, strength and decreasing pain.  A rehabilitation veterinarian will treat pets suffering from both acute and chronic injuries, as well as providing conditioning, rehabilitation, and treatment for geriatric pets.

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Individual therapeutic laser or ultrasound sessions are available for pets who are not in need of rehabilitation or conditioning work.  Each session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, with longer sessions available if necessary.

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A conditioning program is well-suited for those pets who need to get in shape for a season of a dog sport such as field, tracking, agility or flyball, for geriatric pets looking to improve their quality of life, or for anyone who would like to help their pet get into better shape.

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Recreational Swimming

Recreational swimming is ideal for pets who are looking for some off season aquatic exercise.  It is perfect for pets when the weather is too hot or too cold for a long walk, and is also ideal for owners with an injury or seniors who are struggling to exercise an active pet.

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